- advanced (USB) or classic (LPT) control 

- proven microHAM Control Protocol 

- "Band Data" or Antenna Relay ports controlled by logger 

- two UART compatible FSK outputs  

- single foot switch operation

- "selected transmitter" output for station automation

- compatible with most standard Windows based programs

- optically isolated USB and LPT inputs

- compatible with LPT interface (CT, TR, NA)



- intelligent keying lockouts for both radios

- hardware lockout for ”last one wins” or ”first one wins” 

- programmable PTT Lead and Lag adjustable in 1ms steps

- separately sequenced keying outputs for LNA bypass

- separate PTT per transceiver with automatic focus control 

- support for VOX and CAT T/R switching command



- integrated K1EL WinKey2™ with front panel speed control

- front panel speed control. 

- nine (9) memories with auto-numbering

- PS/2 keyboard/keypad support for direct CW with type ahead 

- PS/2 keyboard/keypad support for CW message playback 

- PS/2 keyboard/keypad CW works without computer connection



- front panel headset jacks

- selectable electret bias (+8V) on mic tip or ring

- wide range preamplifier supports both dynamic and electret mics  

- microphone switching allows "through the soundcard" or "soundcard override" operation 

- transceiver PTT input for correct headphone switching in VOX 

- nine (9) memory software DVK 



- front panel headphone jack

- passive receive audio with selectable transformer isolation 

- support for second sound card for audio review

- front panel control knob for left/right audio ”mix” feature

- dedicated controls for ”classic” audio control (R1/BOTH/R2)



- support for dual dual BCD band data or antenna relay outputs

- integrated chokes and filters for maximum RFI immunity

- Metal/Aluminum case, powder coated and silk screened 

- no time limit firmware/software upgrade on-line