micro2R (u2R)

The two-radio controller for everyday & contest use.

micro2R™ (u2R™) is designed for any amateur with two transceivers and any control interface.  It is feature rich but easy to install and operate, provides automatic or manual control of headphone audio and transmitter selection, and is compatible with the automatic modes of all of the most popular contest logging programs. 

u2R™ is two radio controller for the single operator (SO2R controller).  Install the control/driver software, connect your headphones, paddle, mic, footswitch and connect micro2R™ to your radios: you're ready to go.  The front panel is easy to understand with pushbutton controls for headphone audio and transmitter selection, speed control for the built-in WinKey 2 keyer, separate soundcard drive controls for each transmitter, an easy to use mix level control, and clearly visible LEDs to indicate manual or automatic operation, headphone audio source, and selected transmitter. 

For SO2R operation u2R™ uses either USB or LPT control, includes a proven WinKey CW keyer, support for either electret or dynamic microphones, a UART compatible FSK port for each radio, and built-in support for the voice keyer capabilities of the most popular contesting software.


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Package contains:
micro2R™, USB cable, two stereo audio cables, 2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial power connector, ground lug and CD-ROM containing the microHAM USB Device Router program, manual and example configurations.