Interface and Controller Cables

Each Interface or Controller requires to be connected to the transceiver by a special cable.
CAT cables are necessary for the CW Keyer, Station Master and Station Master DeLuxe. DB15 cables for the DXP, DK, DKII, USB II, and USB III Interfaces. DB37 cables for all micro KEYERs and MK2R+.
PA cables are used for connecting automatic Power Amplifiers to the Station Masters.

All cables are optional, you can make one you need your self, according to provided diagram (can be found in the Support section) or buy factory built cable using highest quality connectors (Rean/Neutrik) and professional, industry multi-core cable with separately shielded lines (DB15/DB37). All factory cables has critical connectors either crimped or potted by silicone, every cable is individually tested on computer controlled tester prior packing.