USB: USB 2.0 Full speed , USB 1.1 compatible
Power consumption: USB side - up to 100mA
Transceiver side up to 100mA at 13.8V (max. 16V)
Radio Port: RXD, TXD max. 57600Bd
- levels: TTL, inverted TTL, open collector bus, RS232
CW: open collector, max 30V/400mA
PTT: open collector, max 30V/400mA
Dimensions: W 103mm (4.05") x H 44mm (1.73") x D 85mm (3.35")
Weight: 600g (1.3lbs)
Minimal - PC with Win98SE, 48MB RAM, CD-ROM, USB1.1 port, Transceiver, logger or control software (any)
Recommended - PC with WinXP or higher, 256MB RAM, CD-ROM, USB2.0 port, Transceiver with computer port, CW paddle, PS/2 keypad, logger or control software (any)
Also suported - Apple G4 or later and OS-X 10.0 or later with MacLoggerDX from DogParkSoftware, Ltd.
Nativelly supported by cocoaModem

Note - Windows Millennium Edition Windows ME is not supported